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Library Orientation: Welcome

Even before you walk through our doors, Lindell Library is here to help!

About Lindell Library

Who are we? Glad you asked!

Lindell Library is named for the family of James G. Lindell, an alumnus and longtime regent of Augsburg College. The building—the third place to house Augsburg's library since 1872—was designed by BWBR Architects and dedicated in the fall of 1997.

There are four levels in the library, for a total of 73,000 square feet:  Third Level, Link Level, Street Level, and Lower Level. The second floor (Link Level) is home to student-oriented college offices known collectively as the Gage Center.  The library's print materials—more than 190,000 physical items—are located on the other three levels.  You'll also find computer labs on the Street and Link levels, the school's archives on the Lower Level, and group study rooms on the Third Level.

Lindell Library is a member of CLIC (Cooperating Libraries in Consortium), a nonprofit consortium of the libraries of seven private colleges and universities in the Twin Cities. Libraries in CLIC manage an integrated, automated library system, so patrons of Lindell Library have direct access to items in other CLIC libraries, equaling more than 2.5 million library items.


Four Desks, Thousands of Questions

We love questions at Lindell Library!  In the library or remotely, we've got you covered, with four (count 'em, four!) places to get answers and practical help; click the links for more info, including phone numbers. If you call while we're away, leave a message — we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember: The only bad question is the one you don't ask.

Getting Started

Explore this guide to learn about the library and get started with research. Key points to remember:

The library is both a physical and an online space.

Some research articles, ebooks, audio, and video are online-only—you can access them from within the library, or anywhere with an internet connection.  Others are available only in physical form in the library, and you can check out most of these.  Good research means investigating both online and print.

Start your research early.

If we don't have a book or article you need, you can order it for free from another library. Your item might take a couple of days, or even more than a week, to arrive, so start your research early to make sure you get the items you need.

Getting an early start reduces your stress and helps you avoid plagiarism—whether intentional cheating, or simply being rushed or careless with citations. Accidental plagiarism is still plagiarism!


Library Hours

The library's hours change for exams and holidays. Current hours are always posted on the library homepage.

See current and upcoming hours.

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