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Social Work


Social Work

What's in this guide?

On this page you can:

On other pages of this guide you can:

Get Ideas and Information

Looking for general information or ideas for a topic?

These books and resources can help.

  • The ones marked Best Betare a good place to start.

Don't ignore the Print Sources.

  • Just because they aren't online doesn't mean they can't help you!
  • You might find better or different information in them than you can using the online sources.

Online Sources

  • Reference Databases   |  Reference books with online versions   |  Websites selected by librarians

Print Sources

  • Reference books and other books held at the library.

Find Books and Articles

Looking for material for your project?

Sources relevant to Social Work can be found in multiple places, including newspaper collections.

Starting out?

  • Enter a search into the Augsburg search bar below, or try using one of the links marked Best Bet.

Need more focused research?

  • Try looking in one of the more specialized databases below, or see the specific Topics pages to the left.
No full text? Click the Find It!button by the article to get it elsewhere, or to order it.

Search Augsburg

  • Books at Augsburg and other CLIC libraries  |  Scholarly articles from a selection of our databases

Search Journals

  • Scholarly articles in specific databases

Search Newspapers

  • Newspaper articles in specific databases

Find Reports and Statistics

Looking for websites and data?

We've selected some that might help.

State and Local

  • Twin Cities metro area  |  Greater Minnesota


Find Social Work Videos

Looking for Videos?

Here are some classic documentaries useful for Social Work students.

New Books and Other Resources

New Social Work Books

Books that have been recently added to Augsburg's collection.

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